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It's All About The Cu-Cumber That Is

Did you know:

Cucumber benefit the skin in the following ways:

  • as an antioxidant

  • soothing and cooling effects as a mask

  • reduce swelling as a salve or scrub

  • alleviate sunburn within a cream

Getting the most out of this valuable vegetable is what Nothing But Love Skincare Values. Formulated within the Creamy Cucumber Soap the extract of the cucumber juice and aloe would help with any skincare condition. Coming to the lineup, only for the spring and summer to get that nice smooth skin, Cucumber-mint foaming sugar scrub. As WE learn more about the benefits of this vegetable, whether or not it is to hydrate our skin, reduce inflammation, to treat sunburn, or to prevent acne... WE got to use it in order for it to work. Like Always I Got Nothing But Love For You!

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